Mississauga, Ontario – Throughout the month of June, Dive Ontario hosted Virtual Dryland Junior Provincials to select the 20 divers that will represent Team Ontario at Diving Plongeon Canada’s Virtual Dryland Junior Nationals. Dive Ontario would like to thank every diver who participated in the Provincials, as well as the judges for their time and effort. We hope it brought some excitement and the feeling of competition during these unprecedented times!

Please welcome and congratulate your Team Ontario!
  • Katie Buchel, FCDC
  • Lia Doskoris, WDC
  • Gabin Emptoz-Lacote, TDA
  • Ella Hayes, FCDC
  • Abbigail Haygarth, FCDC
  • Alejandro Hernandez-Orozco, TDA
  • Gustavo Hernandez-Orozco, TDA
  • Nathan Hogarth, KWDC
  • Nancy Lian, FCDC
  • Braiden Martens, FCDC
  • Brooke Megdall, WDC
  • Ciro Meija-Pino, TDA
  • Gabriel Melamude, KWDC
  • Leonard Povzner, ODC
  • Tessa Pritchett-White, FCDC
  • Charlee Ramirez, WDC
  • Maria Raponi, TDA
  • Dmitri Tremblay, WDC
  • Donovan Tremblay, WDC
  • Maisy Woloszyn, WDC

We wish Team Ontario the best of luck in the upcoming Virtual Dryland Junior Nationals!

important dates to remember:
  • Registrations: due by July 9th, 2021.
  • Clubs/coaches/athletes will record the routines between July 10th and 13th, 2021.
  • Upload of Routine: by July 13th, midnight – details for uploading can be found in the first PDF link below.
  • Evaluation of routines will take place from July 13th-18th, 2021
  • Broadcast: July 31st, 2021

Click here for more information on DPC’s Virtual Dryland Junior Nationals.

Click here for the DPC’s routine list for each age group.