Our Mission

To empower and inspire divers, coaches, and officials of all ages by providing  inclusive pathways, safe and supportive environments, and a strong sense of community. Dive Ontario is committed to fostering growth, excellence, and accessibility in the sport of diving.

Our Values

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of performance, both in and out of the water. We aim for excellence in every aspect of diving, from athlete, coach, and official development to organizational operations.

We value the ability to adapt and evolve, embracing change and innovation in our approaches to athlete development, organizational operations, and community engagement. We remain flexible and openminded, continually seeking new ways to enhance the sport of diving and meet the evolving needs of our membership.

We believe that every individual should have equal access to the sport of diving. We will strive to foster an inclusive sport where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Safety and Respect
We prioritize the safety and well-being of our athletes, coaches, officials, and
members. We nurture a culture of respect and trust ensuring that everyone can
participate in a safe and supportive environment.

Community and Support
We believe in the richness of community and support networks. We strive to create a strong sense of belonging among our members, providing mentorship, guidance, and resources to help each individual reach their full potential in the sport of diving.