Dive Ontario is comprised of 10 clubs, 1 Academy and numerous affiliates, all of which offer diving programs to new and seasoned divers. From Learn to Dive to High Performance Competitive, there are programs for everyone.

Our diving clubs are distributed across the province and offer diving programs for every level. Our clubs can be found from as far north as Thunder Bay to the south in Windsor, Ontario. Affiliate programs are offered through local community and university pools who have both diving boards and Dive Ontario trained instructors. Affiliate programs are a great way to introduce beginner divers to this exciting sport.

Competitive divers showcase their skills during dive meets, which are held annually and hosted by different clubs. Competitive diving is comprised of two levels, Tier I & Aspire. Competitions for each level are held separately. The Competitive meet season runs from November to June, and is finished with Tier I & Aspire Provincials.

Many Municipalities offer Learn to Dive programs, run in their pools across the province. These programs are great for the beginner diver, just new to the sport.

Ontario’s diving clubs are constantly improving at all levels and we are very excited about what the future holds for our divers, clubs and affiliates.


(Offering learn to dive & competitive programs)

Dive Toronto (DTDC) torontodiving@gmail.com Mark Rourke Mark Rourke
Etobicoke Diving Club info@etobicokediving.org Misha Kordyukov Kim Sharpe
Forest City Diving Club forestcitydiving@gmail.com
Jorge Pupo Carballo
Nina Rosenbusch
Thunder Bay Diving Club info@tbdc.ca Rolando Prieto Arthur MacMaster
Gatquatic Divers Club gatquatic@gmail.com Tatyana Siroch Paul Wouters
Optimal Diving Club info@optimaldiving.ca Alex Povzner Alex Povzner
Nepean Ottawa Diving Club ottawadiving@rogers.com Fernando Henderson Melanie Baur
KW Diving Club kwdivingregister@gmail.com Robert Wells Roland Lipki
Ottawa National Diving Club info@ottawanationaldiving.ca Illya Kvasha Rodney Kelly
Toronto Diving Academy torontodivingacademy@gmail.com Anna Dacyshyn Management Team
Windsor Diving Club windsordiving@gmail.com Ioana Marinescu Marilyn Doskoris


Dive Ontario, in partnership with Diving Canada and The Canadian Sport Institute (CSIO), have created the Toronto Diving Institute.  The Centre is based out of the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre and provides a world class facility and training environment to help Ontario’s & Canada’s most promising divers realize their potential on an international stage.  Divers at the Centre receive training from top diving coaches and support from a team of Sport Science & Sport Medicine experts which includes but is not limited to, Strength & Conditioning, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Biomechanical Analysis, and Sport Psychology.

The Toronto Diving Institute – Academy (TDIA), another program which operates out of the centre at TPASC was created as a feeder system that allows talented and committed young athletes progress into High Performance Athletes.