Dive Ontario is inviting dedicated and passionate individuals to join the Board of Directors for our coming term starting November 2024.  The new Board members will be elected at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday November 23rd , 2024. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to our Board, bringing a variety of perspectives to help us achieve our mission, vision, values, and strategic platforms.
Role and Responsibilities:
Board members will provide strategic leadership, oversight, and governance. Key responsibilities include:
  • Offering strategic leadership to interested parties, partners and members
  • Establishing and monitoring progress against the strategic plan
  • Promoting partnerships to enhance Dive Ontario’s profile and presence
  • Ensuring effective oversight of organizational management and financial controls
  • Participating in meetings and providing guidance to committees and working groups
Desired Skills and Competencies:
Potential candidates should demonstrate experience (not limited to) in one or more of the following areas:
  • Industry Experience: Canadian diving, sport safety, sport administration
  • General Competencies: Executive leadership, board governance, stakeholder management, government relations, public/media communications, policy development
  • Technical Competencies: Finance and accounting, human resources, legal and regulatory, risk management, marketing, IT and information management, business development, organizational culture, project/change management
  • Behavioral Competencies: Leadership, strategic orientation, communication, and listening
  • Personal Attributes: Geographic, age, gender, ethnic, and educational diversity
Expectations and Commitment:
  • Average of 5 hours per month
  • Bi-Monthly Board meetings (Approximately 6 per year)
  • Additional meetings and committee support as needed
  • Volunteer position
Board of Directors Nomination Process:
The Nomination Committee encourages members, the public, and those committed to contributing to Dive Ontario to identify and nominate qualified individuals (self or others).  The nomination process is highlighted below:
  1. Board of Directors are elected in accordance to our Dive Ontario Bylaws, as found under Article 5 – Governance
  2. Complete the Nomination Profile, and submit a current CV/resume and cover letter with 2 references
  3. Email submission to Executive Director, Robyn Bate at executivedirector@diveontario.com no later than 4:00pm EST, on Friday, November 8th, 2024
  4. No nominations from the floor will be accepted during the Annual General Meeting
Additional Information:
For questions or more information, please contact either the Executive Director or any of the members of the nominations committee found below:

Please join us in shaping the future of Dive Ontario and making a meaningful impact on the lives of our members by submitting all nominations to the Executive Director, Robyn Bate at executivedirector@diveontario.com no later than 4:00pm EST Friday November 8th, 2024.

Please find the link below for full details on the Call Out for Nominations.