Throughout the month of July, Diving Plongeon Canada hosted Virtual Dryland Junior National Championships, giving divers who have been away from the pool an opportunity to showcase their hard work, dedication, and resilience through their at-home training. Ontario had a team of 20 divers compete in this event, and we want to highlight all of their achievements!

Below are the scores of our Ontario divers:

Girls Group A

  • Lia Doskoris (WDC): 50.88 – 3rd place

Girls Group B

  • Katie Buchel (FCDC): 78.75 – 1st place
  • Abbigail Haygarth (FCDC): 70.50 – 2nd place
  • Maisy Woloszyn (WDC): 68.13 – 3rd place
  • Brooke Megdall (WDC): 60.63 – 4th place

Girls Group C

  • Ella Hayes (FCDC): 77.29 – 1st place
  • Maria Raponi (TDA): 74.71 – 2nd place
  • Nancy Lian (WDC): 68.71 – 5th place

Girls Group D

  • Tessa Pritchett-White (FCDC): 83.17 – 1st place

Girls Group E

  • Charlee Ramirez (WDC): 69.00 – 3rd place

Boys Groups A

  • Ciro Meija-Pino (TDA): 70.00 – 1st place

Boys Group B

  • Nathan Hogarth (KWDC): 61.00 – 1st place

Boys Group C

  • Dimitri Tremblay (WDC): 54.43 – 1st place
  • Braiden Martens (FCDC): 34.14 – 4th place

Boys Group D

  • Gustavo Hernandez-Orozco (TDA): 63.17 – 1st place
  • Donovan Tremblay (WDC): 58.33 – 2nd place
  • Gabin Emptoz-Lacote (TDA): 51.33 – 5th place

Boys Group E

  • Alejandro Hernandez-Orozco (TDA): 57.40 – 2nd place
  • Gabriel Melamud (KWDC): 52.20 – 3rd place
  • Leonard Povzner (ODC): 49.00 – 4th place

Congratulations and thank you to all the divers who participated – we hope you had a blast! A special thank you to DPC for putting this event together, and to the judges for their time and attention to detail in evaluating all submissions. It truly warmed our hearts watching our divers working hard and staying motivated at home!

To watch the routines again and see all the results, follow the links below: