Mississauga, Ontario – Dive Ontario was able to interview Jocelyn Casey from Windsor Diving Club.

Jocelyn showcasing her diving hardware.

Jocelyn is strong and determined. She and diving go hand-in-hand, as it keeps her motivated in her everyday life. Jocelyn hopes to pursue diving long-term, so she can continue to compete and do what she loves, with her family and friends watching and supporting.

Please enjoy our interview with Jocelyn!

Q: At what age did you begin to dive?


Q: What does diving mean to you?

Diving is a part of who I am. It motivates me when I wake up in the morning.

Q: Why did you start diving?

I started diving because I wanted to do something new.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

I jump on my trampoline and go swimming with my friends.

Q: Favourite dive?

Back 1 1\2.

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment as a diver?

Getting a qualifying score before COVID (1 of 2).

Q: Favourite memory from diving?

When I competed in Windsor and my family and friends got to watch.

Q: Favourite exercise?

Press handstand.

Q: What are some lessons you have learned since you began diving?

Don’t swim in hotel pools on competition weekends.

Q: Favourite Sports quote?

“Go hard or go home”.

Q: Biggest fear while diving?

Hitting the board\tower.

Q: What is the best part about competing?

I just like to dive.

Q: Who is your biggest cheerleader/supporter?

My mom.

Q: What are your long-term goals for diving?

Join a diving team in college/university.

Q: Do you have a pre-competition routine?

Eat snacks.

And now, a Poolside Personality speed-round!

Q: Do prefer sweet or savory snacks?


Q: Favourite movie?

The Maze Runner and Grown Ups.

Q: Favourite book?

Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Q: Favourite song?

I don’t really have one.

Q: Favourite season?


Q: Favourite subject in school?


Q: If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Why?

I would be an ant because they are super strong.

Q: If you weren’t diving, what would you be doing?

I would be doing Gymnastics or school.

Q: Favourite place in the world you’ve visited/place you would like to visit most?


Q: Favourite hobby?

Swim and play with friends.

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