Mississauga, Ontario – Dive Ontario was able to interview Angelina Commisso from Toronto Diving Academy.

Angelina is positive, motivated, and strives to do the best that she can. She loves to be active and to be in the water. It is an added bonus that Angelina gets to be with her friends and meet new people while doing what she loves!

Please enjoy our interview with Angelina!

Q: At what age did you begin to dive?

I began to dive at the age of 8.

Q: What does diving mean to you?

Diving means a lot to me because I love to be active and to swim! I like that I can do diving with my friends in my group.

Q: Why did you start diving?

I started by going to dive-camp one summer with my cousin and my friend, and I was asked to join the team.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

The thing that keeps me motivated most of all is my desire to try to always do the best I can.  I keep training because I want to be prepared for when I go back to the pool.

Q: Favourite memory from diving?

My favourite memory from diving is the day when I had my first competition.

Q: Favourite exercise?

I don’t have a favourite exercise because I like them all!

Q: What are some lessons you have learned since you began diving?

I have learned that even if you don’t win you should still be proud of how you did.

Q: Biggest fear while diving?

When diving, my biggest fear is that I am going to get hurt.

Q: What is the best part about competing?

The best part of diving is getting to meet other divers from other groups and clubs.

Q: Who is your biggest cheerleader/support?

My biggest cheerleader is my mom! She pushed me forward even when I had trouble doing the things I was doing at the moment.

And now, a Poolside Personality speed-round!

Q: Do you prefer sweet or savory snacks?

I prefer savory snacks.

Q: Favourite movie?

My favourite movie would have to be The Goonies.

Q: Favourite book?

I love all books and if I am not diving, I am often reading.

Q: Favourite season?

My favourite season is summer because of the warm weather.

Q: Favourite subject in school?

My favourite subjects in school are math and gym.

Q: Favourite place in the world you’ve visited/place you would like to visit most?

My favourite place in the world would have to be Disney World.

Stay tuned for more poolside profiles!