Lyn, Ontario – At Dive Ontario, we rely on our amazing volunteers. From board members, coaches, and parents, we were able to take the opportunity to celebrate and highlight a few of you that make our sport great this past week!

The last year has been difficult on many, especially our clubs, and we want to thank the volunteers that selflessly put countless hours and effort into supporting them.

“Thank you to all volunteers that make this sport so special. Most of you were brought to this sport via a child’s passion for it. You embraced this passion and shared it to make it a diving community. If you read the various nominations this past week the volunteers play various roles and are of various ages. I also want to take the moment to acknowledge the board members of local clubs and others that had to deal with the fallout of COVID-19 in the sport of diving in addition to how it affected your daily lives.

To all volunteers, please take a moment next time you are at a practice or a meet to pat yourself on the back when you see the kids dive. To all of you, you are a part of their story. To you un gros MERCI!” – Francois, on behalf of Board of Dive Ontario

To all board members, we thank you for volunteering your time! Our board members at all of our clubs have worked so hard and tirelessly to ensure that they can keep their lights on and continue to serve our diving community.

Coaches, we thank you for continuously supporting and developing our divers! We are very fortunate to have both new and upcoming as well as seasoned coaches. While virtual content and development is not the preferred choice, we appreciate you adapting and offering services to your divers and families on an ongoing basis.

Parents, we thank you for sticking with us during such a challenging time. While we are not all together at the moment, we are lucky to have amazing parents that continue to support and find ways to help our clubs.

“The key to a dive club’s success relies heavily on the volunteers who give so generously to the community of the club, coaches, and athletes.  These volunteers embody the spirit of greatness!  The Board of Directors of Dive Ontario would like to thank you, we want you to know how appreciated you are.” – Rhonda Quesnel, VP of Members

Our volunteers are the glue to our diving community, we appreciate all that you do and we hope to be together soon.

“I could not be prouder of the work all of our volunteers have done in the last 7 months I have been around the Dive Ontario Community. Although the pandemic has rightfully delayed our season and meant that we have had to tend to other things throughout the past year, we firmly believe that sport plays a crucial role in the well-being of children, youth, and teenagers. We look forward to getting back in the pool, but in the meantime we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all those who have helped us make the year as positive as possible to this point,” – Nathan Abdelnour, Executive Director

Please help us give a round of applause to our nominated volunteers:

  • William Ney from the Nepean Ottawa Diving Club
  • Kalia Ecclestone from the Etobicoke Diving Club
  • Michelle Pasch from the Thunder Bay Diving Club
  • Sara Lynn Cleave from the Kitchener-Waterloo Diving Club
  • Andrew Nordman from the Ottawa National Diving Club
  • Rhonda Quesnel from Gatquatic Divers
  • Marilyn Doskoris from the Windsor Diving Club
  • John & Jenn Tobin from the Toronto Diving Academy
  • Joe Haygarth from the Forest City Diving Club