Lyn, Ontario – Dive Ontario’s 4-week long Workout Wednesday program was a SUCCESS! With such great participation, the program extended, offering one additional bonus week. Due to the lockdown and training restrictions, Dive Ontario introduced a fun and interactive Workout Wednesday challenge that took place on Instagram to encourage divers to keep training at home. Each week, divers were challenged to do a set of exercises that were based on one or two of the DPC Live Training videos from the spring lockdown.

Divers and clubs were encouraged to share their participation by tagging @diveontario or sending Dive Ontario videos of themselves doing certain skills presented in that week’s assigned workout. Individuals who participated were then entered into a raffle giveaway, which was drawn following the 4-week program. An additional prize giveaway was available to individuals who participated in the week 5 bonus round. Participants also had the opportunity to be highlighted on Dive Ontario’s Instagram page. Clubs who participated as a group were entered into a “shout out contest” for Workout Wednesday Club of the Program, creating fun competition amongst clubs.

Each week had a unique theme that aligned with the DPC vide

Week 1: Front (Take off/Connection/Come-out & Entry)

Week 2: Back (Take off/Connection/Kick Out Drills & Entry)

Week 3: Handstands & Press Handstands

Week 4: Hurdles

Week 5: Inwards and Reverse

Dive Ontario was able to recruit demonstrators from ten of our member clubs. While we continue to find new and innovative ways to engage with our diving community, we want to extend thanks to all participating clubs and divers. A huge thanks go out to Anna Dacyshyn (VP of Sport Performance) and Andreea Marinescu (Windsor Diving Club Coach), who assisted Dive Ontario with this content rollout. In addition, thank you, Diving Plongeon Canada, for donating some awesome prizes!

Week 1-4 Prize Winners: Caitlyn Padgett (TDA), Kathryn Grant (ONDC), & Nika Ashoori (NODC)

Bonus Round Prize Winner: Noland Lazary (TDA)

Top Club of the Program (Most Participation Points): Nepean Ottawa Diving Club (NODC)

2nd: Toronto Diving Academy (TDA)

3rd: Ottawa National Diving Club (ONDC)

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Stay tuned for more upcoming challenges!