Almonte, Ontario – Dive Ontario would like to extend their sincere thank you to Bridgette Dore-Buchanan, our intern for the last 4-months, for all of her hard work and dedication.  

Having Bridgette be a part of the Dive Ontario community was a blessing. Since Bridgette has joined our team, she has been a valuable and positive member of the Dive Ontario community and she continuously found ways to help out and drive home projects to their completion. 

Bridgette brought an incredible amount of energy and a superb work-ethic to her internship. She was able to help drive some critical projects forward, and without her our engagement in the community would not have been nearly as creative and successful. I personally wish nothing but the best for Bridgette, and look forward to seeing her future successes.” – Nathan Abdelnour 

She worked very closely with Dive Ontario’s Board of Directors, sub-committees, clubs, divers, and other personnel, throughout her internship. 

I am thankful for the opportunities in which the Dive Ontario team have consistently provided me to help me grow and develop my business skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by Nathan Abdelnour, Executive Director. Gaining first-hand experience in the sports industry in a role that is relevant to my career aspirations was very valuable for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have done it with such a fantastic organization.” – Bridgette Dore-Buchanan 

Some of the major projects in which Bridgette played a lead role include:

  • Workout Wednesday: Campaign that was run on Dive Ontario’s Instagram for 4 weeks as a way to engage divers during the pandemic. With a goal of having different clubs be demonstrators for each week, typically with clubs selecting three divers (with a mixture of female and male) to demonstrate. 
  • Poolside Profiles: Campaign used to promote and highlight divers, coaches, alumni, and other diving personnel. She created a four-month plan to highlight one diver from each club every Wednesday. 
  • Volunteers Week: Dive Ontario is a small organization that relies heavily on its volunteers from parents, coaches, and board members to help assist with daily operational duties. Bridgette created a campaign that allowed each club to nominate one volunteer to highlight. In addition, she thanked all volunteers for their continuous support.  
  • Zoom Led-Workout: In collaboration with clubs, Bridgette planned and delivered fouweeks of scheduled events that offers divers the opportunity to join eight workout sessions led by different clubs around the province. With two weeks completed thus far, the event has been a great success with about 75-95 participants.  

These are just a few of the campaigns which Bridgette led. She continuously found ways to engage with clubs and their divers, taking Dive Ontario’s virtual engagement to a new level. 

While we are very excited about Bridgette’s new journey, we are going to miss her. On behalf of everyone at Dive Ontario, please join us in wishing Bridgette good luck for the future and thank her for her contributions.