Dive Ontario is pleased to announce a draft list of athletes and alternates who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2015-2016 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP).

The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by Dive Ontario, approved by its Board of Directors and applied by (the) Selection Committee.

Male Nominees:

  • Dylan Grisell
  • Alex Chan
  • CJ Moore
  • Al’x Pierre
  • Victor Povzner

Female Nominees:

  • Faith Zacharias
  • Cristen Merlo
  • Rebecca Quesnel
  • Camryn Hughes
  • Brielle Johnston

Male Alternates:

  • Nate Grobe
  • Kevin Hasselman
  • Jacob Tremblay
  • Christopher Lake Voros
  • Anthoni Foti

Female Alternates:

  • Anika Holland
  • Reese Wakefield
  • Brittany Haskell
  • Lyric Marshall
  • Alex Wyatt

Please note that this list is unofficial and is subject to change pending the outcome of any appeals and/or any re-selection decisions made by the PSO/MSO Selection Committee or the Quest for Gold Appeals Committee. As a consequence, this list should not be seen as final.

Athletes who have not been nominated and who wish to appeal this decision can do so by following the process set out in the Selection Criteria document.

The appeal deadline is 12 noon on November 12, 2015 for Cycle 1 or 12 noon on January 25, 2016 for Cycle 2.