Dive Ontario has a strong history in the sport of diving and this is evident in the strength and depth of Ontario dive officials. We are excited about the development of our Ontario dive officials and continue to invest in our officials to ensure they are well respected at local, provincial, national and international meets.

Call to diving alumni: there is always a need for more officials!

Ontario is home to a large number of diving alumni that would be excellent candidates for diving officials.  If this strikes a chord with you then please contact Dive Ontario right away to find out how you can get involved and give back to the sport that we all love so much.

Jeremy Comfort Josephine Chen Susan Cieslik
Mary Ann Cormack Rob Fournier Andre Mallette
Josie Josten Carl Jacob Dawn Turner
Janet Nutter Kim Mizun Liisa Dickson
Gord Peterson Janice Moore Rhonda Quesnel
BJ Shields Mike Inglis Ed Hughes
Erin Dobblesteyn Erika Bishop Eliane Turner
Patti Kennedy Hillary Bohler Pam Julian
Doug Savage
Tatsiana Parybak


Officials Committee for 2017/2018

Janet Nutter- Chair
Jeremy Comfort
Erin Dobblesteyn
Josie Josten
Rhonda Quesnel

Other Officials Information