Ontario Diving Clubs

(offering learn to dive and competitive programs)

Capitol City Diving Club:   www.nodc.ca
Dive Toronto:   www.divetoronto.org
Etobicoke Diving Club:   www.etobicokediving.org
Forest City Diving Club:   www.forestcitydiving.com
Gatquatic Divers:   www.gatquaticdivers.com
Kitchener-Waterloo Diving Club:   www.kwdivingclub.com
Nepean Ottawa Diving Club:   www.nodc.ca
Optimal Diving www.optimaldiving.ca
Ottawa National Diving Club:  www.ottawanationaldiving.ca
Thunder Bay Diving Club:   www.thunderbaydivingclub.ca

Provincial Websites

Dive BC:   www.bcdiving.ca
Alberta Diving:   www.albertadiving.ca
Saskatchewan Diving:  www.divesask.ca
Manitoba Diving:   www.manitobadiving.com
Plongeon Quebec:   www.plongeon.qc.ca
Nova Scotia Diving:   www.nsdiving.tripod.com
Dive Newfoundland:   www.divenewfoundland.bizland.com

National Websites

Diving Plongeon Canada:   www.diving.ca
USA Diving: www.usadiving.org

Coach Websites

Coaching Association of Canada:  www.coach.ca
FINA:   www.fina.org
Canadian Sport Centre Ontario:   www.cscontario.ca
Canadian Diving Coaches Association: www.diving.ca/english/html/CDCA.htm
Bodysense: www.bodysense.ca