Learn To Dive

The Canadian Diving Amateur Association (CADA) has been promoting its “Learn-to-Dive” program in municipal pools and diving clubs since 1976. The initial goal of the program, created by Don McGavern, was to introduce children and adults to the skills of diving as a sport and educate them in a correct and safe manner.

So far, thousands of children and adults have been able to discover diving through the Learn-to-Dive program. To ensure that the program remains current, the revised program emphasizes having fun while diving and encourages the diver to follow logical progressions when learning new dives. The program also stresses dive safety.  Dive Ontario endorsed Learn to Dive Programs, have instructors who have been taught this program in conjunction with the NCCP.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs you can contact one of Clubs or Affiliates to find out more.

Learn to Dive Clinics 2018 – 2019

January 6 and 13, 2019
8am to 4pm (both days)
Town of Oakville Recreation and Culture
Course Code 245079
Centennial Pool
120 Navy St, Oakville Ontario

Hosting a Learn to Dive Instructor Clinic

Clinic Requirements and Host Responsibilities

  • Clinics are usually held on a weekend, 8 hours scheduled each day
  • Generally, the schedule is 5 hrs pool time and 3 hrs classroom each day
  • Exclusive use of the deep end of the pool is required during practical instruction
  • Classroom is needed
  • The only prerequisite is participants must be 14 years or older, diving experience is not necessary
  • The host is responsible for securing pool and classroom time, the registration of the clinic and relaying the registration information to Dive Ontario
  • Minimum number of participants is 6, maximum 10
  • If the minimum number has not been reached 1 week prior to the date of the clinic, the clinic will be cancelled or the host may choose to pay the minimum participant number (6)
  • If the registration exceeds the maximum number (10), the host must first obtain the facilitator’s approval before allowing any further participants into the course
  • Allow 4-6 weeks notice to Dive Ontario when requesting a clinic and provide two alternate weekend dates that the clinic may be held

Dive Ontario Responsibilities

  • Find a course facilitator and confirm the clinic date and facilitator contact information with the host pool
  • Notify nearby clubs and facilities of the clinic
  • Advertise the clinic on it’s website
  • Organize and ship all course materials to the pool the week before the clinic is held
  • Reimburse the course facilitator for expenses and honorarium
  • Invoice the host pool per participant after the completion of the clinic


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