Executive Director Dive Ontario

Dive Ontario is seeking an Executive Director to support and develop athletes and the community based dive clubs in Ontario.

The mission of Dive Ontario is to provide quality programming and services in order to support all athletes, coaches, and officials in their quest to achieve personal and community excellence.

Springboard and Platform diving is a sport that requires commitment and discipline from its athletes. Training not only occurs on the boards but encompasses many different disciplines during dryland: trampoline, gymnastics, ballet and yoga. All of these combined, aid our divers to perform their dives with grace, strength, and flexibility. Athletes in the competitive program train many hours a week and must possess the ability to focus while performing under pressure.

With 10 clubs in the province and numerous affiliate programs, Dive Ontario believes that by continually providing support and encouragement throughout all stages of diver development, we will continue to have a strong National presence. From Learn to Dive Programs straight through to the competitive level, Dive Ontario strives to deliver robust programs that not only identify talent but support their development in all areas.

Job description

ORGANIZATION:                                   Dive Ontario (DO)

TITLE:                                                       Executive Director

JOB CATEGORY:                                  Contractor

LOCATION:                                             Home Office and Toronto – Toronto Pan Am Sport Centre

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:              Vice President Operations



The Executive Director (ED) works collaboratively with the DO Board of Directors and Board Committees as the operational and development lead for the organization.

The ED is a front line face of the organization and as such serves as the primary point of contact for the organization.


  1. Board of Director Support
    1. Serve as a resource to the BOD to ensure policy decisions are made on an informed basis.
    2. Keep Board informed (on a timely basis) of significant issues affecting the development and delivery of programs and services.
    3. Serve as Member of the Sport Performance & Sport Business Committees. Participate in meetings, assisting with materials and recording minutes for distribution.
    4. Maintain policies & By-laws of the organization
    5. Implementation of Strategic Plan
  2. Meet Management:
    1. Support Meet Manager at all Dive Ontario Provincials
  3. Event Management:
    1. Athlete Training Camps
    2. Coaching and Official Professional Development Clinics
    3. Annual General Meeting
  4. Advertising & Other Fundraising (Sourcing, contracting and servicing )
  5. Volunteer Recruitment & Management (database, training, team management)
  6. Government & Other Funding Agencies
    1. Grant research/application, project management, reporting
    2. Partner relations: Diving Canada, funding agencies, clubs, TPASC, CSIO, NCCP, Contractors, etc.
  7. Daily Administration/Operations:
    1. Primary association point of first contact
    2. Program development, monitoring and maintenance
    3. Ensure insurance certificates and policies are updated and in place for DO & all Clubs
    4. Association contract management (i.e. GTA Pool contract, Meet Hosting Contract, hotel contracts, etc.)
    5. Data management & tracking
    6. Finance & Budget management
    7. Officials and Coach database and tracking
    8. Communications & Community Relations: mainstream, website and other social media
  8. Other Duties as assigned


  1. ED has signing authority for purchases and contracts according to the policies of Dive Ontario
  2. ED does not have authority to bind Dive Ontario in any Agreements or Memoranda
  3. Decision making authority is negotiated directly between the ED and Dive Ontario Board of Directors