Competitions & Technical Information

2018/2019 Ontario Competition Schedule

Date Competition Level Meet Packages Meet Results
Dec 7-9 Winter Provincials – Etobicoke Qualifier Meet Package

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CCDC Invitational – Ottawa Invitational Meet Package Results


FCDC Invitational – London Invitational Meet Package Results
 March 1-3 Spring Provincials – London


Qualifier  Meet Package

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March 25-26 KWDC Invitational – Kitchener-Waterloo Invitational Meet Package

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George Tinnerman Invitational – Burlington Invitational Meet Package

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 May 17-19 Summer Provincials – Ottawa  Qualifier  Meet Package

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Tier II Provincials – Invitational  Meet Package Results



Other Province’s Competitive Schedules

National Qualifying Standards

Aspire Provincials Standards

Age Group 1M 3M Platform
A 220 175 150
B 170 185 155
C 160 170 130
D 155 160 125
E 115 120 110


Technical Regulations

2017-2021 Diving Rulebook

Junior Dive Requirements – Table Format

2018 Ontario Summer Games Technical Regulations

Technical Bulletins:

April 2018


Provincial Records

Provincial Records*

*Due to the rule changes as laid out in Diving Canada’s 2017-2020 Rule Book, the Provincial Records for C & D divers are no longer applicable due to dive list changes.   As a result those records which had been held until this change, are being retired from the records with new records being achieved with the revised rules.  Congratulations to the following divers who have held these records for as long as they did!

Girls D Level Points Athlete Club Year
  1M 275.55 Faith Zacharias FCDC 2011
3M 298.00 Catherine Boyer ONDC 2017
Platform 254.95 Catherine Boyer ONDC 2017
Girls C Level Points Athlete Club Year
  1M 336.85 Molly Carlson TBDC 2011
3M 354.90 Molly Carlson TBDC 2011
Platform 352.10 Katelyn Fung FCDC 2017
Boys D Level Points Athlete Club Year
  1M 265.45 Carlo Lopez GAT 2012
  3M 307.25 Henry McKay NODC 2011
  Platform 257.95 Nigel Chambers FCDC 2017
Boys C Level Points Athlete Club Year
  1M 353.10 Nicolas Noguera FCDC 2011
  3M 409.95 Al’x Pierre FCDC 2012
  Platform 349.60 Nicolas Noguera FCDC 2011

Dive Ontario 2017-2018 Calendar