Dive Ontario Bylaws, Regulations and Forms are designed to support all Athletes, Coaches and Clubs in administering the policies of Dive Ontario in a consistent manner across Ontario.  If there is information that is missing or you have a specific question, please feel free to contact us directly (Our emails are on the Contact Us page) or call us at the phone number listed on the top of the screen.

Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Strategic Plan – January 2017

ByLaws of Dive Ontario – 3

ByLaws of Dive Ontario – 4

ByLaws of Dive Ontario – 5

Administrative Policies – Updated November 2017

Technical Regulations

Code of Conduct

Team Selection Policy

Appeal Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Equity & Access Policy

Inclusion Policy

Social Media Use Policy

Anti-Doping Policy

Discipline and Complaints Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy

Event Discipline Procedure

Workplace Harassment Policy and Health and Safety Manual

Accessibility Policy

Insurance Certificate

Financial Policy

Privacy Policy

Screening Policy and Screening Disclosure



Competition Report 

Diver Transfer Form 

Registration Forms

Expense Form

Judging Panel Template 

Quest For Gold

DRAFT Selection Criteria

Concussion Guidelines and Advice

Materials from the National Coaching Certification Program:

For parents:
For coaches:
For athletes:

Dive Ontario’s Concussion Guidelines

Resources from the Ontario Ministry of Health

Board of Directors

Dive Ontario’s Board of Directors are a diverse group of individuals who have a wealth of experience within the sport of diving. From parents to coaches to former divers, our Board is able to bring insights from many different perspectives when dealing with board related issues. Each position is held for a two year period and elections are held at the annual AGM.

President Peter Voros Email Peter
VP Members BJ Shields Email BJ
VP Finance Pat Grobe Email Pat
VP Sport Performance Jason Napper Email Jason
VP Sport Business Paul Wouters Email Paul
VP Operations Erin Dobblesteyn Email Erin
Executive Director Pam Julian Email Pam

The Dive Ontario operating year ends August 31st, and our Annual General Meeting is held in October of each year.