About Us


The mission of Dive Ontario is to provide quality programming and services in order to support all athletes, coaches, and officials in their quest to achieve personal and community excellence.

Springboard and Platform diving is a sport that requires commitment and discipline from it’s athletes.  Training not only occurs on the boards but encompasses many different disciplines during dryland: trampoline, gymnastics, ballet and yoga.  All of these combined aid our divers to perform their dives with grace, strength and flexibility.  Athletes in the competitive programs train many hours a week and must possess the ability to focus while performing under pressure.

With 11 Clubs in the Province and numerous Affiliate programs, Dive Ontario believes that by continually providing support and encouragement throughout all stages of diver development, we will continue to have a strong National presence.   From Learn to Dive Programs straight through to the Competitive level, Dive Ontario strives to deliver robust programs that not only identify talent but support their development in all areas.

Dive Ontario is privileged to have some of the best coaching staff in Canada within their Clubs.  Their dedication and tireless efforts have produced some of the best divers in in our Country, with many going on to successfully compete at an international level.

No matter what age or level, we welcome all to the boards


The vision of Dive Ontario is to inspire its members to achieve their full potential and to continually support these achievements through their membership.  We wish to grow the sport of diving within the province of Ontario and as such, encourage the development of programs for divers at all levels.

Dive Ontario can be reached at the following:

Pam Julian
Executive Director

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
875 Morningside Avenue
Suite 2037
Toronto, ON
M1C 0C7